M.a.B Engineering Services provide solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of high profile Australian companies, time and again. These companies have diverse needs which are met through M.a.B Engineering Services vast capabilities.


To learn more about how M.a.B Engineering Services can help your company, simply select the relevant capability.


Companies around Australia appreciate M.a.B Engineering Services ability to reliably deliver on quality and efficiency, on short and long run items. If your company requires any of the engineering services listed, or cannot find the service you need, CALL M.a.B Engineering Services on (03) 5339 3847 or email mark@mabengineering.com.au for further information or to place an order today!

CNC & Repitious Machining

Maintenance & Servicing


Heavy Duty Transport Industry Hardware

Wire Cutting

Concrete Recess Formers

Gear Cutting

Curtain Tensioners

Surface & Cylindrical  Precision Grinders

Bottle Turner for mixing samples manufactured for The Melbourne University - Research Project.

Member of Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited.

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